Frequently Asked Questions

User Guide

How do I find a location where I can order online?

Enter your full street address into the Current Address search bar, just like you would enter it into Google or Yahoo! maps. The locations closest to you will be displayed automatically. To search a larger area, simply increase the search radius using the dropdown at the top of the page.

Can I search for a specific foods?

Yes. In the top right corner of our website, you will find a search bar that allows you to search by food types, specific items, or location names.

Is my billing information secure?

Yes. Your information is stored in a secure, 256-bit encrypted account that exceeds industry standards and is accessible only to the primary account holder. All credit card transactions meet high-level PCI compliance requirements established by Visa and MasterCard for online credit card transactions.

How do I save a delivery address?

When you order for delivery you will be prompted to save a delivery address for your account on the checkout page.

How do I set up my order confirmation messages?

You can get order confirmations by email, text message, or both. To change your preferences, just visit the My Account section.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account on the My Account page. Please fill out our brief Cancelled Account Survey to let us know how we can improve the service. We hope you'll come back soon.